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For more than 20 years Lee Mandel & Associates have been providing clients with world-class tax and business consulting. There are thousands of tax consultants out there who can prepare your taxes, but with Lee Mandel & Associates you’ll have a creative and proactive team in your corner. Lee believes that every client deserves access, answers and priority-level treatment. So whether you have a quick tax question or need expert advice on a critical business issue, Lee and his team are there for you. His clients have included professional athletes and musicians, best-selling authors, small and medium-sized businesses in hundreds of different industries, and a cavalcade of unique individuals who have come to depend upon having Lee and his team in their corner.

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"[H]is rates are competitive and he really knows his craft. I have never been "disappointed" with my bottom line (even when I was prepared to be disappointed.) He is also a great advisor on tax issues. I have called him with tax related questions during the year and he always returns my calls promptly and gives me thoughtful, helpful answers. Oh yeah, and did I mention he's funny too? That really helps when [you’re] approaching April 15th... If you need tax advice, call Lee. You will be glad you did, even if it does mean going to Naperville once a year." - Jim


"I would not think of doing my taxes without Lee Mandel's expertise. Since 1995, I have consulted him and always received thoughtful and accurate answers. Lee is also an excellent business adviser, always getting to the core of sound decision-making. He has a lively and positive intelligence that is contagious. I leave Lee's office with new examples demonstrating that he is the consummate entrepreneur. For this reason, he understands the individuality of his clients. In short: Lee has a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of tax law and preparation. He has a quick grasp of one's business needs, provides thorough counsel, and has a great sense of humor. He is the most competent and personable person I have ever worked with on this unpleasant task." - Rick