1. What are your fees?
Our base fee for a personal Tax Return is $275. That fee includes preparation of your federal
and state returns with the most common Schedules (A-Itemized Deductions, B-Interest and
Dividends, D-Capital Gains and Losses, etc). Your individual fee may vary slightly based on the
complexity of your return. (If your return is very basic and able to be prepared by our staff
accountant then we may be able to lower the fee to $225).

2. What should I bring to my appointment?
You should bring all W-2s, 1099s, 1098s, your property tax bill, HUD statement if you bought or
sold a home, and any other documentation needed to show your income/expenses for the
year. You do not need to bring in all of your receipts for medical expenses, business expenses,
etc unless we specifically request them; a sum total of those items is all that we require.
If this if your first time meeting with us you should also bring a copy of your prior year tax
return. We also have a Tax Organizer under the Resources tab of our website that will help
walk you through what you should bring to your appointment.
If you are a returning client, a personalized Tax Organizer has already been uploaded to your
Secure Drawer that you can use as a guide for what to bring to your appointment.

3. How is my information protected?
We partner with Proven IT for managed IT services as well as advanced threat monitoring so we
trust that we are always using the most current technology to protect our clients’ data. Your
tax information and documents are kept on a secured, local network. Your personal
information is never shared with any outside party whatsoever. In addition, we utilize an online
file sharing service called Secure Drawer which allows us to send you tax information securely
online. You can read more about Secure Drawer here:


4. Do I need to come in for an appointment to have my return prepared?
No, you don’t have to schedule an appointment to have your return prepared. You can drop off
your tax documents, mail them into the office, send them in via fax, or upload them to Secure
Drawer. We will call you with any questions and send your return to you electronically for your
review. We also offer eSignature via DocuSign to sign off on your return once approved. Your
payment to us can be made as well as part of the eSignature process.

5. Does my husband/wife need to come to the tax appointment?
No, however, their signature is required before we are able to file a return. The spouse
signature can be obtained via eSignature if necessary or the paper taken with you to obtain
spouse signature and return to us via, mail, fax, SecureDrawer or drop off.

6. Does Lee Mandel & Associates provide year-round service?
Yes, whether you have a tax question, would like an appointment to discuss tax planning, or
need help responding to a letter from the IRS, we are available to help year-round. We also
offer bookkeeping and payroll services to small businesses on a monthly, quarterly or annual

7. What are the benefits of having Lee Mandel & Associates prepare my return?
Although you might have filed your return on your own in the past, filing with Lee Mandel &
Associates can make the process quick, simple, and easy. Filing with us could even save you
money if we find a deduction or credit that you may not know about. Further, in addition to
filing your return, we can help you with tax planning, consultation, and even help you respond
to IRS letters—giving you a greater sense of security and peace-of- mind than if you prepare on
your own.

8. How long do I need to keep copies of my tax documents?
You should keep copies of your tax records so that you can promptly respond to any notices or
audits from the IRS. In general, the IRS has the ability to audit the last three years of tax
returns. If the IRS believes that your income has been under-reported, they could go back six
years. If you have a loss on your return from a ‘worthless security,’ the IRS can go back to the
past seven years.

9. Do you offer financial planning services?
No, we do not provide financial planning services. However, we do have a great list of trusted
referrals we can provide you with.

10. What do I do if I get a notice letter from the IRS or State?
Answer: If you receive a notice letter from the IRS or State you need to send a copy of the letter to us including front and back of all pages. Then you can give us a call to discuss how we plan to respond and if we need any additional information from you to include with the response. Sometimes we will respond without needing anything and then you should receive a follow up letter from the government saying if they agree or disagree. If a second letter is then received please forward that to us as well. If you call us to tell us you got a notice there is nothing we can do for you until we have the letter. You can mail, email or fax (630-778-0212) or drop off the letter at our office.