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SecureDrawer (SD) is a fast and reliable online file sharing service, similar to an online client portal. SecureDrawer is a totally safe and secure website that enables us to send/receive all different types of files (excel, word, pdf) without having to password protect each file.  The exchanging of information/files through SD will replace emailing files as attachments.  You will only have one login to remember and will have access to all of your tax returns and supporting documents in one place, no more searching through your email inbox.  Lee Mandel & Associates is the subscriber and Admin user to SecureDrawer and each of our clients is set up as a guest user free of charge.

Please be advised that SD is not a document storage system.  We will retain your tax returns in the portal for three years but it is ultimately your responsibility to download and save the tax return to your own hard drive to keep as long as you would like, seven years is recommended.

We are requesting that anyone who has access to the internet and a working email account utilize SD.  With identity theft on the rise, we do not recommend emailing personal financial information such as social security numbers and account numbers.  That being said, not all of our clients will need to use SD.  If you come into the office to have your return prepared and are able to complete the return during your scheduled appointment time then there will be no need for SD.  However, if you are missing information and are not able to complete your return while in the office, the finishing of the return will need to be handled through SD or drop in office visit.

For our many clients who do not come in to the office for your tax preparation, using SD is a great tool and alternative to mailing in your tax documents.  We of course still accept all mailed in tax documents and will prepare the return but the reviewing and signing of the return will be done electronically, unless you are not set up on a computer.

We are here to help make this as painless as possible.   Please click on the links to view three informative videos for our guest users.

The first video answers the question “What is SecureDrawer” and explains the security protocols used.  The second video is “Getting Started with your Guest Account” which walks you through out to get your login credentials and get to the portal to login.  You may contact us to resend the new user email if this is your first time accessing SD.  The third video is “How to use your SD guest user account” and walks you through how to navigate once you are logged in by retrieving/downloading documents and uploading documents.  Please do not hesitate to call our office with any questions related to or accessing SD.

We ask for your consideration on a few things related to the use of SD.  Each time you upload a file we are alerted via email.  It would be best if you wait until you have the majority of your documents ready before you start uploading.  You can create a tax folder on your desktop as you gather your tax information to save it in one place.  Then when you have most of your documents you can upload into SD.  Also related to the use of the notes feature in SD, we suggest only using/adding a note on your initial upload if needed.  After the initial upload, if you need to communicate clarifications or ask questions please call in or send in an email and refer to the document in SD.